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Home Renovation and Roofing Services in Southern California

At Spartan Remodeling Inc, we take pride in offering a wide range of services to cater to all your home improvement needs. Our dedicated team of professionals brings expertise and creativity to each project, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality.

Bathroom Remodeling

Transform your bathroom into a personal spa retreat with our expert remodeling services. From elegant fixtures to serene color palettes, we'll create a space that perfectly suits your relaxation needs.

Kitchen Remodeling

Revamp your kitchen into a culinary haven. Our remodeling solutions bring together functionality and style, ensuring your kitchen is the heart of your home, ideal for cooking and entertaining.

Additions/Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

Expand your living space or create an independent dwelling with our skillful additions and ADU services. We design and build spaces that seamlessly integrate with your existing home, adding versatility and value.


Transform your outdoor areas into captivating landscapes. We blend design and nature, creating functional and beautiful spaces for relaxation and enjoyment.


Enhance energy efficiency and aesthetics with our window services. Our skilled professionals ensure proper installation and selection, brightening your home while saving on energy bills.

Exterior Remodeling

Elevate your curb appeal and property value with our comprehensive exterior remodeling services, from siding to outdoor spaces, ensuring your home stands strong and beautiful.


Protect your home from the elements with our roofing expertise. From minor repairs to complete installations, we deliver durable solutions that safeguard your investment and enhance curb appeal.

Solar/Battery Solutions

Embrace sustainable energy with our solar panel and battery solutions. Save on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying reliable power even during outages.


Give your home a fresh look inside and out with our meticulous painting services. Our team combines precision and creativity to revitalize your living spaces.

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Spartan Remodeling Inc was founded by John Smith, a seasoned contractor with over 30 years of experience. His passion for quality craftsmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction have been guiding principles since day one.

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– One Classic Certified Agent
– 5 Hours of Object Photography​
– High Resolution Images
– Online Project ready within 30 Days
– Interest Free, Low Monthly Payment Plan​



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– Two Classic Certified Agents
– 10 Hours of Photography
– High Resolution Images
– Online Project ready within 10 Days
– Interest Free, Low Monthly Payment Plan​



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– Five Classic Certified Agents
– 50 Hours of Objects Photography​
– High Resolution Images
– Online Project ready within 5 Days
– Interest Free, Low Monthly Payment Plan​

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